Refund policy

At The Rewari Circle we strive to provide the best service to our users. However we regret to inform you that we do not have any refund or cancellation policy. All sales and transactions made through our Service are final.

Final Sales

Once a purchase is made or an order is placed through our Service it is considered final. We do not accept any cancellation requests or provide refunds for any reason.

Third-Party Platforms

If you place an order on a platform powered by The Rewari Circle please note that any cancellations or refunds are subject to the Merchant's policies. The Rewari Circle is not responsible for handling or resolving any disputes related to such transactions.

Dispute Resolution

Any disputes regarding orders placed on our Service or on platforms powered by The Rewari Circle must be resolved directly with the Merchant.

By using our Service you acknowledge and agree to this No Cancellation and Refund Policy. We recommend that you carefully review your order before finalizing your purchase.

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